About Us

BON has been in the market for Malaysia (Sabah, Sarawak), Brunei, Singapore and Indonesia since 1970 . BON is effective and proven with its formula. Many users have made it their main hair care products.

The restoration of hair in the blend of ingredients scientifically selected, BON can solve and help nourish, encourage new hair growth, prevent baldness, hair loss, graying, dandruff and itchy head.

BON also be used as an effective treatment for growth and enrichment mustache, sideburns (lesser), beard and feathers. BON can be used as a regular hair cream too.

BON well-known for its authenticity smell. Now Bonds come with a fragrance that has been updated and more attractive. Right now, BON still in demand and now many people know the benefits. When called BON everyone knows about nurturing oil hair, mustache, sideburns and beard.